Android Testing

Testing during mobile applications development allows us to ensure highest application quality and user-friendly interface. When it comes to Android applications, it is very important to pay close attention to the platform specifics since the devices running on this platform may have different versions of this operating system, differ in resolution, aspect ratio, form factor and many other specific details of the Android devices.

Main Testing Methods for Android Applications

Testing of the applications for the devices running on the Android operating system is performed exclusively on physical devices. This is necessary to minimize the risks associated with using emulators which do not account for the specifics of touch-sensor devices, low battery, or mobile calls that occur during the Android mobile application testing. Google Play Beta and APK file formats are used to transfer the application to our team for testing.

At the same time, in order to increase testing coverage, we compose a test-suite which is based on the existing test-plan and includes a set of test-cases covering all the specifics of Android apps. This approach ensures full compliance of your application with Google Guidelines for Android applications. Manual testing performed based on such detailed test documentation will guarantee maximum quality and value of your application.

Android app testing covers the following aspects of the application:

  • Functionality, i.e. if the application operates in consistency with the Software Requirements Specification;
  • Stability: the reliability of the application is being tested for prolonged periods of time, including at low battery level or full device memory;
  • UI convenience, i.e. if the application interface handles landscape and portrait screen orientation correctly, or how fast the application responds when the user repeatedly clicks the buttons;
  • Operability of the application with different connection types, with no available network, at various data transfer speeds, as well as in the cases when the application operation is interrupted by incoming messages and calls or by various external devices trying to connect to the device;
  • Correct updating and installation of new versions of the application .

All types of testing listed above are performed by our experts in strict accordance with the documentation and the test plan developed on their basis, and all identified bugs and product flaws are accurately recorded along with the related screenshots, videos and logs. In addition, the corresponding reports are created based on the testing results.

To ensure the mobile applications are high-quality, fast and easy to use, our company provides Android app testing packages using manual and automated methods for verifying the correct operation and quality of the Android applications.