As quick as automated testing, as clever as a human

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Provide management of quality assurance of your project to professionals! With our experience, we can launch continuous testing of your project in just 2 days. In our testing lab, certified QA engineers who use bug trackers and modern methodologies of interaction with your developers.  You can incorporate QA into your development hassle-free, and enjoy the result.

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QA engineers
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Save your time and resources

Perfectly tested
ready to advance

As professionals in the IT industry, we know that every app has approximately 1 bug per 25 lines of code. According to stats, this is why about 60% of apps fail. We have designed a smart and hassle-free way for YOU to achieve greatness with your project.

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We have an integrated Bug Tracking system in our Dashboard, but if you need, we work with any other Bug Trackers like: