We love helping you make great products. Moreover, we know how much everyone prefers to work in a familiar environment. Therefore, we implemented an easy export to bug trackers.

You can see all the bugs found by the crowd and approved by our Team Leaders on the dashboard and immediately export them to your Jira to let your colleagues continue working as usual.

See how easy to get bugs straight to your system by clicking the Export button on your project dashboard. It looks like this for Jira Cloud:

Our system will request your Jira domain. Enter it with the email associated with your Jira and the token each Jira user has (you can get it here). It usually takes about 1-3 minutes.

If everything is done correctly, the system will immediately prompt you to select a project (if there are several of them in your Jira) and an issue type. Most likely, you will choose “Bugs” 🙂

Feel free to export the bugs to your Jira after checking the correctness of all the data.

Enjoy professionally described bugs in Jira and continue creating your best products while impressing users with their quality.

As soon as you and your colleagues fix the bugs, you can start a Bugfix Confirmation test on your dashboard.

BTW: It is a great time to check out how the Test IO crowd works if you haven’t done so yet  🙂

Your success is our priority!

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