Why Use QA Supermarket Instead of Automated Testing?

Automated QA testing techniques rely on technology over human experts.

Automated QA may initially seem like a less costly and faster way to perform QA, it has significant drawbacks when compared to manual testing.

  •   Automated testing requires scripts that can be difficult and time-consuming to create.
  •  The automated test script can be reused, but still requires constant adjustment.
  •   Automated test scripts can have their own bugs, which can result in false negatives and positives
  •   Automated testing can only do what it is told to do.
  •   Manual testers have intuition and the ability to reason, enabling them to identify when something is just “off.”
  •  Manual testers can perform exploratory testing if they see indicators of issues beyond the originally-set parameters
  •   Manual testers can interact in natural ways with actual devices, performing gestures that are impossible to replicate digitally (e.g., tapping, swiping).
Manual testing by experts: Our human testers are able to spot bugs that automated testing overlooksNo overhead: As an outsourced solution, QA Supermarket requires no upfront investment in equipment or manpower
Complete confidentiality: We provide signed NDAs at the onset of each customer relationship and assure our customers that we will find the bugs while they keep ownership of the code.No sales pitch: QA Supermarket is confident that prospective customers will make the right decision based on our simple setup process, transparent pricing, and flexible service.
We assure you that we will never call or email you with a sales pitch.
Free test plans: QA Supermarket provides a detailed plan including 2 free bugs that must be agreed to before we begin testingNo obligation: At any point before agreement on the test plan and the start of the QA process, you are free to cancel our engagement at no cost.
Transparent pricing: The cost of each service is clearly listed on our website