The Case of the Missing Forms

Sometimes, only a crowd testing solution can find the reason for significant dropdown in the contact form submission on the updated commercial/e-commerce website.

The Problem

A big company offers heavy equipment construction tools and machinery on its website. Customers can see the specs of every item they have: pictures, sizes, dimensions, implementations, etc.

The only way to know about the price and availability of the products is the contact form implemented as a link in the header and footer of the website and as a call to action (CTA) button on the landing page. So, any issue with the website’s performance meant losing profit and customers.

After updating the website and changing some features’ locations, the dev team ran their already-written testing scripts on all relevant browsers, and everything went smoothly.

Editing the scripts was also easy since the module only needed to change the feature’s location. So, neither the adaptation nor the automated regression testing took much time; the results were satisfactory!

Since the form is the only way the customers can contact the company, it must be a top-notch one. However, after the website update, the form submissions significantly dropped, and the project manager wanted to find the cause as soon as the forms worked as expected.

The Solution

The only option to find out how users access and fill in the contact form in different browsers and operating systems was crowdtesting.

During the first 2 hours of the crowd test run, the bug reports from testers from all over the world showed that mobile Safari users couldn’t open the link to the form from the landing page.

Historically, iOS devices are the most widely used ones to submit forms, and it is much easier to find the landing page content on such devices than on the sequential menu (the one that opens when tapping the three bars button at the top of most websites) or even footer links. Hence, it was the most likely cause of the submission dropdown.

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