The Case of the Blank Page

A mid-size e-learning company finally decides to launch an app version of its website but has no QA resources to take it over.

The Context

An e-learning platform regularly develops courses for college students consisting of 5 modules, each with at least ten tasks and quizzes.

On average, a student needs a couple of hours to finish one course and get the mandatory certificate of completion generated automatically upon clicking the FINISH button on the last page.

The website has been working very well, so the company decides to finish the app that has already been in the testing phase of its development cycle. However, the dev department is not big enough to thoroughly test each course.

The Problem

After testing the app in-house, the devs found out that some courses didn’t deliver certificates to students. But unfortunately, the devs were not able to determine the root cause of the issue.

The testing stage took too much time. So, the company looked for a faster solution. Due to strict budget limitations, a fixed price for broader QA app testing was also a big concern.

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balnk page android debugging enter key with phone layout
The Solution

We offered a great solution: an easy and quick setup crowd test (with no experience with testing needed) that quickly provided professional reports documented with attachments for a fixed price per test run.

The test ran 24 hours with the most variety of devices, including iOS and Android operating systems (OS), eliminating the possibility of issues in different environments.

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