Functional Testing

Functional testing of a software product or a mobile application is one of the basic methods of product quality control which verifies the product’s compliance with the customer’s requirements. In other words, the main goal of functional testing is to make sure that all software features are able to work as designed and solve a user’s tasks under various conditions.


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Functional Testing Types

Functional testing of a software product can be performed in two different ways: 


Black box testing 

Black box testing is performed without accessing the code. This method consists of analyzing the outputs of the product functionality based on various data inputs.

White box testing

White box testing is performed with access to the product code. The test cases are created based on the program code of the product, then various testing methods are performed based on these test cases.


The main types of functional testing are as follows:

  • Smoke testing, which is used to find critical bugs in the product functionality as soon as a new version is ready. It is performed on a small set of test cases. The main goal of this type of testing is to determine if it’s possible to proceed to the next stages of functional testing;
  • Feature testing, which is performed to verify that the new features work as defined in the requirements.
  • Regression testing, which is used to ensure that the functionality of the application remains fully operational after the introduction of the new features.
  • Usability testing, which allows for the identification of factors affecting the user-friendliness of the application or web site interface, ease of navigation, and query input system;
  • Bugs retests – this is a subtype of functional testing performed after the previously found bugs (identified via other testing methods) have been fixed; its goal is to verify that they are actually fixed.

All functional testing types listed above are performed by our team of experts on real equipment and using real devices, both manually and automatically. All tests are carried out in compliance with the test suites compiled for product testing; all errors and bugs are recorded in the bug trackers.

Our company offers functional testing services to all project managers, developers and programmers. Our testers utilize various methods and types of testing to check the product quality and identify system errors in a timely manner, thereby allowing software producers to improve the quality and convenience of their product for the target market.