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Installation testing is a type of testing aimed at identifying defects in the installation of mobile applications and computer software that compromise the installation process or make it impossible to install or uninstall the applications. Installation testing determines if the application is installed, launched, and updated to new versions correctly and accurately, as well as checks if the user data remains intact after each update, and if it is possible to delete the previously installed products. This type of testing allows both developers and software users to resolve the cases when it’s not possible to install the application or switch to a different version, as well as reduces the risk of data loss after reinstallation. This ensures the high quality of all tested products and makes them more popular for the target consumers.

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Main Stages of Installation Testing

Currently, there are special installers and mobile application stores, such as Google Play or AppStore, which are used to install applications on various devices. These software components are responsible for the correct installation, updating, and uninstallation of the products. The Installation Testing process includes the following stages:

  • •  Assess the correct installation of the application. At this stage, the tester verifies that the installation package includes a complete and correct files list; checks that the application is registered in the OS and all the permissions required to use it are enabled; confirms that the access rights to the application functional elements are available;
  •   Test the application operability after updating. This stage includes assessing the integrity and correctness of the data entered into the application before the update, data compatibility with older versions of the application, and the risks associated with interrupted updates;
  • •  Verify the correct uninstallation of the applications. At this stage, the physical deletion of all elements of the application and their file extensions is verified, as well as the availability of the saved user data in case it should be available after reinstallation.

For a more accurate assessment of the application installer’s operation, cross-platform testing, as well as regression testing, is conducted. All types of tests are performed both manually and using automated testing tools. Applications installation testing is performed step-by-step in accordance with the test plans. The reports on all identified bugs and inconsistencies with the requirements from the product developers and users are recorded in the bug tracker. Our company performs testing of installation prior to the release of the initial versions of the product, before the worldwide release of the product, when its new versions become available, and upon configuration changes for the device on which the product is to be installed. This type of testing utilizes both automated and manual testing methods, which increases the bug search efficiency and allows the detection of specific factors that create issues during the application installation.

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