Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing is one of the types of non-functional testing used to verify that the product properly functions in various environments, such as hardware platforms, operating systems, mobile devices and browsers.

Depending on the environment type, as well as on the type of product being tested, there is hardware compatibility (the ability of the application to function normally on all devices listed in the requirements) and software compatibility (normal launch, normal operation and no conflicts between the product and other applications installed on the devices).

Mobile compatibility testing

This type of compatibility testing includes two sub-types:

Website mobile compatibility test

Since the websites are accesses via browsers, this type of testing verifies how websites interact with browsers and how the interface is displayed on devices with different screen sizes.

Mobile application compatibility testing

This type of testing includes more aspects of interaction. The operation of a mobile application depends on the version of the operating system, its configuration and settings, hardware features of the device, and the screen size. Therefore, it is very important to conduct manual testing on real devices that can cover all of the above factors.

Software and hardware compatibility testing

To verify the product being developed we test its compatibility:

  • with hardware, or with various hardware configurations (the ability to install and remove, the convenience of the interface, stability, compatibility of screen resolutions – are tested);
  • with different operating systems;
  • with other connected devices (printers, scanners, audio/video devices);
  • at different types of connection (wired connection, Bluetooth, wi-fi)
  • with various networks (wired network, Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G) for a number of parameters – capacity, bandwidth, network speed;
  • interaction with various drivers

Why do you need compatibility testing and how is it performed?

The main goal is to make sure that the product properly works with a wide variety of device and hardware configurations and their settings. This is especially important in two cases:

  • You are developing an expensive product critical to the customer. In this case, the compatibility errors can result not only in reputation loss, but also in financial losses.
  • Your product is used by a large number of consumers. This means that customers may have the most unexpected hardware and software configurations, which means you have to be prepared for potential issues.

All described compatibility testing activities are performed both manually (on real devices) and automatically (using modern tools and services).

To ensure efficiency and effectiveness of our work, we define a specific set of environments or platforms in which the software should operate. Based on these specifications, we create checklists and develop test cases that include different scenarios for comprehensive product verification. We record (save as screenshots and videos) all defects and issues in the product operation in various environments (identified during testing in accordance with the compiled test cases) and report them into bug trackers and bug reports indicating their priority in the verification matrix.

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Why do you need professional testing:

  • About 60% of apps fail because of bad quality.
  • Automated testing will not show most of the bugs witch human may get.
  • Most developers are not qualified and not efficient to perform testing of your app.
  • The application must be tested in full – unit test can work, but integration of the all parts of the system can bring lots of surprises (see examples).

Why choose QA Supermarket?

  • Cost effective: Third-party testing on demand reduces expenses for internal QA team and hardware
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QA Supermarket’s full range of testing services for software, websites and applications include:

Functional testing

Does your product work like it’s supposed to? >

Installation testing

Can people install and load your product quickly and easily? >

Usability testing

Do the interface and other components of the product offer users an optimal experience? >

Interrupt testing

Will interacting with device components or other software cause your product to malfunction? >

Performance testing

Does your product behave like you want under different load conditions? >

Compatibility testing

Will your product look good and work properly across different devices and platforms? >

Stability testing

Will your product continue to perform well over time and through a full range of uses? >

Why QA

Why QA Supermarket?

You no longer need to maintain your own testing department and pay salaries, insurance and taxes. No need to spend money on facilitating tasks and purchasing equipment for testing. QA Supermarket provides an NDA upfront. We provide workflow to guide you through the process from a task definition to final bug list. Get in touch and rest assured that your software will be bug-free soon.

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