Testing Services

QA Supermarket’s comprehensive testing options offer organizations everything they need to ensure their websites and applications are bug-free, user-friendly, and are able to perform under every condition and on any device.

How to recognize types of testing?

  • Installation Testing – Can people install, update and load my product quickly and easily?
  • Functionality Testing  – Does my product work like it’s supposed to?
  • Compatibility Testing – Will my application look good and work properly across different devices and platforms?
  • Stability Testing – Will my product continue to perform well over time and through a full range of uses?
  • Performance Testinge – Does my product behave as desired under different load conditions?
  • Security Testing – Is my app vulnerable?
  • Usability Testing – Do the interface and other components of the product offer users an optimal experience?
  • Interrupt Testing – Will interrupting the normal flow of the application or device behavior cause my product to malfunction?

Get your own test plan to choose the testing you need and plan your time, budget, and success!

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