Testing Services for any Application

QA Supermarket’s comprehensive testing options offer organizations everything they need to ensure their websites and applications are bug-free, user-friendly, and can perform under every condition and on any device.

How to recognize types of app testing services?

  • Can people install, update and load my product quickly and easily? – Installation Testing
  • Does my product work like it’s supposed to? – Functionality Testing
  • Will my application look good and work properly across different devices and platforms? – Compatibility Testing
  • Will my product continue to perform well over time and through a full range of uses? – Stability Testing
  • Does my product behave as desired under different load conditions? – Performance Testing
  • Is my app vulnerable? – Security Testing
  • Do the interface and other components of the product offer users an optimal experience? – Usability Testing
  • Will interrupting the normal flow of the application or device behavior cause my product to malfunction? – Interrupt Testing

QA Supermarket provides comprehensive QA testing services on-demand and with competitive, completely transparent prices. We’ve created a way to provide Manual Testing as SaaS. As quick as automated testing, as clever as a human. With our experience, we can launch continuous testing of your project in just 2 days.
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