The Case of Perfect Rooms

The new hotel booking system flows need to be tested by real people before the holiday season starts.

The Context

It’s the holiday season, and the QA team is ready to test the hotel reservation system of one of the major booking websites in the country.

They have conducted relevant test cases in-house and no major defects were found; however, the founder of the startup knows that the season is one of the most important weeks of the year for his client and a different approach needs to be taken.

The team has little time to produce results as the season approaches.

The Problem

The hotel booking system for the season allows users a large number of personalizations that cannot be automated or written down on test cases and the time to test it is quite limited.

The QA team cannot perform such tests in-house for the same reasons and they also need to maintain the operational website topnotch.

So, the website needs to be tested by a third party, an affordable one that manages to produce results fast.

The Solution

Since the new reservation flow personalisation is focused on users, the QA team decided to conduct exploratory testing on the seasonal hotel booking reservation flow.

To do so, they set up a series of tests based on the different countries on the website and targeted testers that speak the languages of these locations.

After only 24 hours, the QA team got reports on location issues like translations; coupons that are not working as they were supposed to and parameters that were not kept along the checkout process.

The new seasonal flow also offers new payment methods that needed to be deeply tested producing defects that were not shown in-house based on specific combinations of device, browser and users’ choices.

In other cases, broken images and links prevented testers – users! – from taking a look at the rooms so the flow was immediately abandoned; most of these pages were new rooms for the season.

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