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iOS app testing is the testing of mobile applications for stability and reliability, with these two factors being the main criteria for choosing these products for mobile devices on the iOS platform. QA Supermarket provides comprehensive QA testing services on-demand and with competitive, completely transparent prices. We’ve created a way to provide Manual Testing as SaaS. As quick as automated testing, as clever as a human. With our experience, we can launch continuous testing of your project in just 2 days.

What is the Purpose of iOS App Testing?

iPhone app test performed to test iOS applications is designed not only to detect critical bugs that impede their normal operation but also to determine if the product quality meets the stated requirements, verify its level of functionality and ease of use.

Testing Methods for iOS Applications

To obtain the most accurate and comprehensive verification results, iOS app testing is performed covering the following areas:

  • •  Security Testing imitates malicious user attacks and is used to detect potential vulnerabilities in the application’s software code. For example, this test can simulate data interception while transferring via Wi-Fi or within corporate applications operating over the HTTPS protocol. It also checks if user confidential information is present in sessions;
  •   In-App Purchase Testing is used to verify the application’s performance when in-app purchase restrictions are set in it, or when various Apple ID settings are used. In addition, at this stage, the objectives of using IAP are being tested. The test case aims to verify that purchases and prices correspond to the ones set by the developer;
  • •  Testing of Connection Types is performed under conditions of switching connection types and no network, at different data transfer speeds, or when connecting to public networks that require authorization. These tests are conducted to detect the application malfunctions when connecting the device to a Wi-Fi network or cellular network;
  • •  Device Resources Testing. This verification method allows you to determine the quality and speed of the iOS application when the battery is low, or when the device memory is full;
  • •  Application Interrupt Testing. In this case, the application is tested on a device receiving calls and messages or being connected to various accessories – headsets, USB cables, SD cards, or chargers.

All of the above-listed testing methods as well as modern test processes automation tools allow our experts to fully identify all the bugs existing in the application, as well as factors reducing the security and functionality of iOS applications. Our company offers everyone involved in the creation of iPhone applications to take advantage of the full range of iOS app testing services based on various test cases. We use the iOS TestFlight service to test applications on the devices with iOS 8.0 and later.

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