QA Supermarket in Business Insider

QA Supermarket in Business Insider

PHILADELPHIA, March 19, 2020

Today, QA Supermarket is officially launching a new platform that gives every developer access to the professional manual software and app testing they need, whenever they need it. 

Addressing the many reasons that testing is an often overlooked or undervalued part of the software development lifecycle, QA Supermarket makes getting sufficient testing a process as simple and straightforward as going grocery shopping. Platform features and benefits include: 

  • Flexible & customizable testing packages 
  • Transparent pricing 
  • Free, no-obligation test plans and non-disclosure agreements provided before testing begins 
  • Ability to perform a full range of tests across hundreds of devices 
  • Complete visibility into project progress 
  • Ongoing access to the QA Supermarket “Bug Tracker” 

Additionally, QA Supermarket guarantees satisfaction and promises there will be no annoying sales calls. 

Prior to launch, QA Supermarket tested over 150 applications across gaming, education, banking and geographic/mapping applications, finding nearly 1 million bugs in total. The company found an average of 144 bugs, from the trivial and minor to major and critical, per application build.

“Software developers don’t intentionally release products that don’t work or have poor user experiences. Still, relying on internal QA teams that are understaffed and undertrained often has exactly that result,” said Paul Belevich, founder and CEO of QA Supermarket. “After spending years in the trenches of software development, I had enough experience with the barriers to software testing, whether real or perceived, to envision a way to tear them down: eliminate the hassles, add visibility and transparency, reduce the burden on internal teams and make it available on demand. That’s what we’ve done with QA Supermarket, and I’m confident that everyone from independents to enterprises will benefit from this new way to get QA done.”

About QA Supermarket: 
QA Supermarket provides on-demand, professional and manual quality assurance for apps, software and websites. With a full range of testing options, customizable plans, transparent pricing and full visibility throughout the process, the company enables developers of all sizes to get the thorough and accurate testing they need, when they need it, with a satisfaction guarantee.