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QA Supermarket provides comprehensive QA testing services on-demand and with competitive, completely transparent prices. The company is on a mission to offer Manual Testing as SaaS. The startup was founded by current CEO Paul Belevich, whose previous roles include Product Development Director at Blue Lithium (acquired by Yahoo!) and GM of Wargaming Research … Continue reading

On-demand professional software testing service QA Supermarket conducted a survey of software industry professionals who are involved with the testing processes at their organizations, to gather insights on how their organizations are approaching this critical function. Overall, the responses suggest that, while many organizations may believe they are doing enough testing, their responses … Continue reading

The world’s biggest bugs and how they could have been avoided June 2020 From Boeing to Toyota, a look into some of the world’s most notable software bugs and how they could have been prevented. It’s been nearly a decade since Netscape co-founder and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen said: “Software is eating the world.” It’s … Continue reading

Continuous Testing: Surveys show contradictions in how much is actually happening in the enterprise May 2020 Are companies doing Continuous Testing? Two recent surveys provide a few answers … and some caution. While Continuous Testing is becoming a de facto standard for software groups in Silicon Valley, barriers to adoption persist, especially outside of the West Coast and … Continue reading

Today, QA Supermarket is officially launching a new platform that gives every developer access to the professional manual software and app testing they need, whenever they need it.  Addressing the many reasons that testing is an often overlooked or undervalued part of the software development lifecycle, QA Supermarket makes getting sufficient testing … Continue reading