We perform full-coverage exploratory testing. So even if you don’t describe any requirements for the test, our crowd will thoroughly check everything. But if you are interested in being specific, please consider the following information.

Test requirements are a set of statements describing the features and functions of an app or a website. We can divide them by level (functional, user, and business) and attribute (functional, non-functional).

The requirements should have all the information necessary to describe the user’s needs and are to answer the following questions:

  1. What is it? (structure)
  2. What does it do? (function and possible tasks for the product)
  3. What does it process? (data)
  4. How will it be used? (operations, performance)

At the same time, the requirements should be precise and clear for everyone, with a single interpretation possible. Using specific terms, you can provide definitions in a glossary to avoid ambiguity. Moreover, all the statements should be correct and make sense. Otherwise, testers can waste time thinking this is a system requirement or just a mistake.

The requirements should not contradict each other or documentation or refer to non-existent specifications. If you can organize requirements to buttons, popups, and fields in groups, please do so. It will help to avoid any confusion or contradiction. The requirements should be complete: please avoid using expressions like “and so on, and others, and the like, etc.”

Make sure you define all the functionality you want to check. In addition, you can describe the out-of-scope section if you want our crowd to focus only on certain parts of your product. If the product involves procedures for setting up, you’ll need to describe them as well.

We also ask you to write the goal of the test. But you can easily skip this section if you don’t have any.

If you want to test user stories or test cases, you can attach files with them before checking out.

Several files upload is possible.

We hope this information will make your experience with QA Supermarket better. Feel free to ask questions, if any.

Your success is our priority!

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