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In 2018, QA Supermarket was founded with a simple mission: to make the software testing process easier for customers. Negotiations, long-term obligations, contracts, huge budgets, weeks of waiting – sounds boring, right? So thought we. And we came up with an idea: what if testing could be as easy as online shopping: you login into your account, add a test (link to your product and a brief description) to the cart, pay, and wait for the results to be delivered.

At that moment, it seemed impossible. But it was our dream, and we did our best to achieve it. We have tried several solutions since then: some were good, but not cheap. So, we kept looking for better ones. And today, we can proudly say that we’ve accomplished our dream. How is it possible?

First, we moved from traditional QA teams to the power of a tester crowd: about 400,000 testers around the globe can test our customers’ products on multiple devices and environments for 24 hours non-stop.

Second, we created a straightforward and clear interface to set up your tests. You can do it literally within minutes. Moreover, there is a chat for help on the right bottom corner if you have any questions.

Third, we eliminated the need to set up calls with the sales team or negotiate the price. You know how much you pay even before you submit your test requirements. Just like in a supermarket!

Fourth, all the above allowed us to exclude big teams and make our product affordable. You pay for the test, not for long-term obligations or excessive staff.

Fifth, we introduced a simple export of the identified bugs to a CSV file or your (users) Jira. So, your team can start fixing them within 48 hours from the test start.

Sixth, we decided to stay focused: we perform only certain types of tests: exploratory, regression, and functional. This is how we provide excellent results so cheap and fast!

At the end of 2021, we became a part of the Epam Systems family, and since then, we are even more capable of bringing value to our customers as we combine our efforts with them.

Nonetheless, we stay open, and you can quickly contact us in any way suitable for you.

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