The Case of the Funnel and Conversion Rates

CEO and Marketers found the answer to a conversion rate dropping with crowdtesting.

The Context

The company’s CEO has received the annual report and noticed that some conversion rates were decreasing with each month.

The decrease in the conversion rate was very subtle in-between quarters so it seemed like not hitting the business much, however, when seeing the whole yearly picture the impact of this metric was significant.

So the CEO and marketers explored the funnels finding out that most users that left the website without buying anything were Android device users.

The Problem

The CEO needs to understand why some Android users’ conversion rates are decreasing and address any issues before it scales.

The issue was ticketed to the dev team as it might be a bug –usually, it is– but they couldn’t find anything in-house.

The QA manager needs to understand what exactly is happening to Android users that seems to be affecting the conversion rate of the website.

The Solution

The QA Manager knows that the issue with the conversion rates might be bug related that seems to be affecting real users, therefore, the only way to find out what is happening on the website, from a users-like perspective, it’s if they allow professional crowd testers get their hands on the website.

After some clicks, the test was set up and overnight the QA Manager received reports about issues that, internally, would take a month to find!

Layout issues in the Chrome and Firefox were the main issue that affected users preventing them from either seeing or reaching crucial buttons like “Add to Cart” and “Checkout”.

After only a single 24 hours test that covered all possible Android devices and the most common browser, the CEO got to know what the issue was and how to address it.

Quickly and affordable, crowdtesting is the best software testing solution for understanding marketing funnels that seems to show a dropping in conversion rates.

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