How is QA Supermarket different from others?

– How is QA Supermarket different from other outsourced QA service providers?
Have you ever had a problem, when you need to present your application soon, but you don’t know how buggy it is? You might even not have time to find a professional team to test your app and run the actual test! USUALLY, the way of starting testing is long, boring, and difficult. BUT! We can start it in just 1-2 hassle-free days! To give anyone the power of a large, dedicated QA team. And to provide the quality of successful software projects to startups.

We created a way to use Manual Testing as SaaS.

The Difference with QA Supermarket

The Difference of QA Supermarket
The Difference of QA Supermarket

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The Difference of QA Supermarket

Our on-demand service has a number of advantages, including:

  • • Manual testing by experts: Our Test Lab with a ton of special equipment and highly trained engineers is able to spot and clearly describe bugs that automated testing overlooks.
  • • No overhead: As an outsourced solution, QA Supermarket requires no upfront investment in equipment or manpower
  • • Complete confidentiality: We provide signed NDAs at the onset of each customer relationship and assure our customers that we will find the bugs while they keep ownership of the code. We don’t need your code.
  • • No sales pitch: QA Supermarket is confident that prospective customers will make the right decision based on our simple setup process, transparent pricing, and flexible service. We assure you that we will never call or email you with a sales pitch.
  • • Free test plans: QA Supermarket provides a test plan including types of tests, devices, and browsers that must be agreed to before we begin testing.
  • • No obligation: At any point before start testing your application you are free to cancel our engagement at no cost.
  • • Transparent pricing: The cost of each service is clearly stated in your personal dashboard on our website, and you can configure tests to fit your needs.
  • • Bug Tracking System provided: If you don’t have a bug tracking system to work with, we provide it as part of our service for free. You may work with bugs in real-time as soon as we catch them. We also work with your Bug Tracking System like:
Bug Tracking Systems
Bug Tracking Systems
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