Which bugs can be missed even by a good team of developers and why is it inevitable?

Software testing companies did not just appear out of nowhere. If every developer could hire QA-specialists and work just as efficiently, no one would ever outsource. What are the advantages of using a specialized company over testing in-house?

  • 1. Devices and configurations

    Many bugs only exist on certain devices. They cannot be reproduced on emulators. Therefore, even your best tester will not find these bugs without the right device. Do you have a large stock of devices? We do!

  • 2. Experience

    Staff members only test their own projects. Therefore, they see a limited number of projects and a much smaller number of bugs. An outsourcing firm deals with a much wider variety of projects and its employees encounter a large number of bugs. This means that they can seek out and find them more efficiently.

  • 3. Scalability

    Before a product release, functionality is urgently implemented, time starts to run out, and the volume of testing grows. The cost of a mistake also increases before a release. It is dangerous to make a bad first impression. Can you triple your staff of experienced QA engineers 3 weeks before release? Not likely. But you can contact us and start testing in any volume in just 4 days.

The Difference with QA Supermarket

The Difference of QA Supermarket
The Difference of QA Supermarket

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The Difference of QA Supermarket