What about quality assurance certifications?

To create the most effective QA system we need to have the most competent and experienced professionals on board. To confirm they have a high level of knowledge we require our specialists to be certified in software quality assurance. Our employees pass quality assurance certifications via the ISTQB program.

ISTQB is a non-profit organization working to improve and advance software testing which created the Certified Tester Program for QA specialists. This certification system is very popular due to its global recognition, affordability, and the possibility to take a live supervised exam without any pre-requisite training requirements.

The ISTQB certification scheme offers a path of 3 streams with 3 levels within each of the streams.

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ISTQB Certification: Streams and Levels

To pass ISTQB Certification, one should select a stream, or a set of modules, and focus on a level within the selected stream based on the program requirements.

The certification program includes the following streams:

  • Core – the modules cover software testing in a broadway allowing for a common understanding valid for any methodology or application domain.
  • Agile – a set of modules covering testing practices specifically for testers working within the Agile SDLC.
  • Specialist – these modules allow for a deep dive into a specific topic, such as specific quality aspects, technologies, test activities, and approaches, or specific application domains.

To obtain the certification in the selected stream one has to pass the exam in one of the included levels:

  • Foundation level focuses on the basics of software testing, testing life cycle, dynamic and static testing, testing management, and testing tools. Passing the Foundation level gives the right to become a Certified Agile Tester and a Certified Model-based Tester. Foundation level qualification is necessary not only for testers but also for other specialists involved in software testing, such as software developers, QA engineers, acceptance testers, test analysts.
  • Advanced level certification is intended for specialists responsible for composing learning curriculums for test managers, security testers, and test analysts. This certification can also improve the professional competence of project managers, quality assurance and quality control managers, software development managers, and business analysts.
  • Expert level currently covers the areas of testing process improvement and management. Certified expert testers have more in-depth practical experience in certain areas of testing, participate in planning, implementation, and completion of test activities at all stages of SDLC.

There’s a system of preparation materials, learning methods, and training courses that helps prepare for the certification exams at various ISTQB levels. In particular, the Foundation Level Syllabus is used as the main source of information needed to successfully pass the Foundation level exam.

Certified QA Engineers

Due to the Quality assurance certifications, we reduce the risks of poor-quality test analysis and increase the number of competent specialists in our company.

In our testing lab, we have certified QA engineers who use bug trackers and modern methodologies of interaction with your developers.  You can incorporate QA into your development hassle-free and enjoy the result.