Why you can immediately start testing without problems

Automated testing is associated with a quick start, but the opposite is true. If you want to organize the process of automated testing in-house, then you will need time and resources to search, install, write scripts and configure the software for your tasks. As well as people who will sort and describe the problems that the automated testing tools found. We have been doing QA for many years and have considered these shortcomings of both processes and the result was our startup – QA Supermarket, which, with its huge number of tools and a smart workflow, helps projects avoid bugs quickly and conveniently!

How QA Supermarket Works
How QA Supermarket Works
Usual Way of Testing

Ordinary companies waste valuable client time on negotiations and paperwork. With us, you create an account in a few clicks, get an NDA from us and show us your project (not a code). After 2 days, you will receive a clear and detailed work plan, drawn up in DASHBOARD.

All you have to do is provide a link to your app location and some description if you have it!