Why do you need to outsource QA testing?

You understand that the quality of your app matters. You need to check it. Run all tests in a professional way to get all the issues you need to fix to let your customers know that you are a professional. Automated testing solutions can not provide you good quality out of the box. You need to spend time and money to set them up. You also need to involve software developers to write scripts to use them correctly. The use of an automated solution just for application testing at the beginning is not efficient and a lot of bugs won’t be discovered.

Automated vs Manual Expenses 
This graph shows the difference in expenses during each test cycle.

Setting up a robust In-house testing team can be costly. In addition to at least $55,000/year annual salary, there are expenses for employee benefits as well as for the hardware and software they will need to do their jobs effectively. With QA Supermarket, you have access to a professional testing team when you need it. There are no salaries or benefits to pay, no overhead costs, and no downtime.

Team of Test Engineers at Work 
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Instead, you only pay for the specific task or feature you want to have tested or select from our transparently-priced testing packages.