How much money does our system save for you?

Money Saver in QA
Above, we mentioned some potential losses due to missed bugs. But you probably want to know how much you can reduce your losses if you turn to us. No one can give you an exact answer to this, but you can estimate some very specific numbers.

1. Marketing

Bugs are causing you to lose users. But most of them also cause negative shares among friends, lower your app ratings, and yield negative reviews. For every one user lost, you will have dozens who never appear. Consider that negative reviews decrease ad conversions by 10%. This 10% of the advertising budget will be your very first savings.

2. Time

Imagine getting a lot of poorly documented bugs during beta testing. Your developers have to spend time not only fixing them but even more, time reproducing them. It’s even worse when you fall into the 40% of apps and updates that the App Store rejects on the first attempt. The release date, and therefore profit, is delayed, but the costs of the team remain. If we speed up your release by at least a week (but usually more), then translate that into your team’s salary. This will be direct savings.  Now compare that to our prices!

3. Money

A very common situation is when a few percent of your audience (customers) cannot pay for your services. Payment may not work due to a device’s model, regional settings, VPN usage, etc. These users usually do not even complain, but silently go to your competitors. And you are more likely to constantly receive several percent fewer incomes. Now imagine at least 3% of the profit that you want to receive in a year. At least for the sake of such savings, it is worth ordering testing. Plus, we can do it in just a couple of clicks. The terms and prices will pleasantly surprise you.