Crowdtesting (or crowdsourced testing) is a practice that harnesses crowdsourcing efficiency and diversity for software testing. Software such as mobile apps, SaaS, native desktop applications, or websites in various development stages gets distributed to a large group of people, crowd testers. They run software on their computers or mobile phones to inspect it for defects and areas for potential improvement. For more information, read here
Try before you buy! The first test starts for you at no cost. It runs for 24 hours from the test start. After that, you will get the first five bug reports for free. If you like the result, you will receive all the rest bug reports right after payment. The test costs will be on us if you have just a few bugs. Good products deserve some appreciation. All free tests are subject to pre-approval. We reserve our right to refuse to test your product. We test only websites and apps associated with you or your company. No payment
A test description should include all the information necessary to run a test with the best results:
  • scope of the test (what the crowd should focus on)
  • features description (Registration & Login, Search, Filters and Sorting, Product List, Product Detail Page, Cart, Checkout, Wishlist, etc.)
  • intended behavior descriptions (if any or known)
  • product functionality (everything about your product functions and tasks)
  • your goals for the test (what you would like to check)
  • out-of-scope (if any)
  • known bugs list (if any)
You can also upload files with user stories or test cases, or any other test documents you want. You can find more information here. If you are still not sure how to proceed, please contact our Support via a chatbot.
We strive to simplify the software testing process for you. So, we work on a fixed price basis: you know the price even before creating an account and starting a test. It stays the same for all types of testing. No matter how many bugs we find. As soon as we work mainly with the USA and European customers, the prices are indicated in dollars or euros. A toggle button right above the price description allows you to see the price in the relevant currency.
QA Supermarket created the easiest way to test your software at affordable pricing: a self-service on-demand platform. We eliminated all the extras:
  • no salespeople to negotiate contracts with
  • no CSMs to set up your tests
  • no expensive solutions
You just log in, provide a link, describe the test requirements, and start your test. We process and evaluate your project automatically. So, you pay only for the crowdtesting.
As soon as you start a test, our crowd jumps into work for 24 hours. They will check everything you need, and we will deliver results to your dashboard. After that, you can export the bug reports to your bug tracker.
The number of participating testers may vary as soon as we use crowdsourced software testing. Generally, we have around 30-40 testers per test run.
You can run as many tests as you need at the same time.
Click the “Bugfix Confirmation” button on your dashboard, select the test environment, upload a new build containing the bug fix, and submit the request. As soon as we still have your original bug report, you don’t need to write down the steps to produce the issue.  Then, your bug fix confirmation request goes out to our testers, who check for the bug by repeating the steps described in the bug report. It will be documented with a screencast to ensure the bug is gone. You’ll get an email when the results are ready. The bug fix can pass (the bug is gone) or fail (the bug still exists).  You don’t need to create a new test cycle: verifying the bug fix can happen anytime. It helps to save you time and money. 
A bug is a software-related problem preventing your product (an app or a website) from reliable performance. Here in QA Supermarket, we use the following classification:
  1. Functional bugs are related to the website or app functionality. Functional bugs can have different levels of severity: low, high, and critical.
  2. Content Bugs relate to the actual website or app content such as text, labels, pictures, videos, icons, links, data, etc.
  3. Visual Bugs appear in graphical user interfaces of websites or apps.

QA Supermarket software testing service is self-service based. It means that you set up a test yourself. The process is very straightforward and takes only a few minutes:
  1. Sign Up in a few clicks
  2. Provide a link to your app
  3. Describe the requirements (upload any related documents)
  4. GET RESULTS 24 hours after the test starts
  5. Pay for the test if you like the result
All the first tests are free of charge (restrictions apply: see What is freemium?) You can easily export all the bug reports to bug trackers (Jira, for example). As soon as your team fixes the bugs, you can start a Bugfix Confirmation test, and our crowd testers will verify the bugfixes. For every following test, log in to your account and click the Start new project Button:
  1. Describe the requirements and provide a link to the app
  2. Make payment and start testing
  3. Get results in 24 hours

Crowd Testing Benefits

Whether your software runs on a PC, Mac, browser, or mobile device, we’ve got you covered

one month's workload for one employee but in one test run

a whole QA team to test your product completely

detailed bug reports to deliver high-quality on high-speed

What product would you like to test today?

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