Quick info:

My app is bug-free. Do I need to test it anyway?

We suggest testing your app at least on every release, after changes, or once in a certain period of time. With new devices and browsers, apps can get into problems and your customer will stop using them.

How many mobile devices do you have?

We have 80+ mobile devices on our device farm.

How many PC configurations can you test on?

We can build 1200+ PC configurations for testing out of the most popular hardware devices.

How fast are you?

We can provide a test plan and start the testing process in just a few days.

How much does testing cost?

We created a test plan for you and gave you access to the Bug Tracking System for free. You pay for actual testing only. Price and deadlines you may configure in the Dashboard.

How does it work?

You provide just a link to the application to install (and credentials to access it if needed). We upload your test plan to the Dashboard and you can choose tests and devices to check or just run preset tests. After that all the bugs we will put and describe in any Bug Tracking System (including ours) that you want to work with.

What is the difference of QA Supermarket?

We have created a comfortable and easy-to-use pipeline. You may choose all the options you would like. You’ll get all the necessary documents and a test plan automatically. You may use our cloud-based Bug Tracking System. No annoying sales calls. No overheads. You have access to the automated testing process but with manual, high-quality human-brained testing results.

What types of testing could I find @ QA Supermarket?

At QA Supermarket, you can order usability, stability, interrupt, compatibility, functional, installation, and performance testing.

Can I test @ QA Supermarket without having proper documentation of my product?

Yes. We just need a link to your app.

Can I test @ QA Supermarket without providing a code of my product?

Yes. We just need a link to access your app. This is called black-box testing.

How long will it take before I see the first results of testing?

After submitting a link to your application, it will take us 2 days to prepare a testing plan for you. In that plan, you will find the first few bugs. Choose your testing based on the testing plan and you will get a list of bugs a couple of business days later.

Can I choose to test on the most popular devices only?

Yes. You can tweak and tune your own testing options. We can test on more than 80 devices for you.

Is QA Supermarket better than any automated testing software?

We are humans. You can compare us with your users. We will test your platform the same way your user will, and provide bug descriptions in a professional way. We make sure you know about your own bugs before your real user will notice them.

Why shouldn't I test with my developer team and my family/friends?

Because your family and friends will never find all of the meaningful bugs. Your developers know too much about their own software. Testing with them doesn’t give all objective results.

How will QA Supermarket deliver the founded bugs?

QA Supermarket has its own Bug Tracking System (BTS). We will put all bugs into the system you can use. At the same time if you would like to use your own system we will gladly list bugs there.