Your customers don’t use scripts while interacting with your product, right? So, to check your product in the most efficient and close-to-real-world way, we perform exploratory testing.

As it follows from the name, exploratory testing is a type of testing when testers explore your product to show unexpected behavior. It means that exploratory testing requires a tester to listen, read, think, and report.


Moreover, exploratory testing discovers 11% more overall issues than scripted testing. Therefore, it is the best test type when you need to ensure that there are no complex bugs (those that require three or more user actions to cause an error) or to identify some obvious defects (like missing buttons). Statistics say that, in this case, exploratory testing is, on average, 30% more efficient than scripted testing.


In addition, exploratory testing requires minimum documentation. We have a 400,000 crowd of creative testers who think out of the box, have extensive experience, and can easily mirror your customers’ behavior. They will review your product from every possible point on numerous devices, operating systems, and browsers and deliver results to you only within 24 hours.

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Make sure that your products work in various environments, devices, countries, and languages

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Retain 48% more of your app users by testing your app performance

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Make 79% more of your customers loyal to you by identifying and fixing your website performance issues

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