Over the last few years, the world has significantly changed. Most of the services and stores were forced to move online if they were still not present there. Therefore, a good e-commerce site or service platform is the key to success. 79% of people are less likely to buy from a site again if they’ve experienced performance issues. We want to take care of your customers while helping you to improve your platform or app.

We have a crowd of 400,000 creative testers who think out of the box, have extensive experience, and can easily mirror your customers’ behavior. They will review your product from every possible point on numerous devices, operating systems, and browsers and deliver results to you only within 24 hours.

Why you need to test your platform
  • To improve user engagement: the better the user experience (well-performing functionality, easy journey, understandable interface, etc.), the longer a customer engages with your platform.
  • To build a strong brand with loyal customers: testing and optimization of your site’s or app’s problematic areas improves your customers’ journey and makes them stay and buy more.
  • To reduce risks: your reputation is one of your most important assets. Don’t let bugs ruin it! If you can get feedback from our crowd, why wait till your unhappy customers complain about bad-performing functionality?

Crowdtesting is especially powerful for these purposes. Real people test on real devices providing real feedback. And you don’t need to hire a whole QA team for that. Instead, on-demand outsourcing services will save your time, effort, and money.

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Exploratory testing

Discover 11% more overall issues with exploratory testing than scripted one

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