When you need to get real-user feedback and ensure that your products work in various environments and devices, countries, and languages, crowdtesting is the best solution.

This type of testing is also called crowdsourced.

The main point and benefit here is exceptional variability: you get access to literally any target audience in terms of age, gender, nationality, professional skills, cultural background, interests, etc. It allows you to create a test environment closely imitating real-world conditions for your product. In other words, crowdtesting saves your product from negative reviews and your company from losing money.

We built our platform, striving to simplify the quality assurance process. Therefore, setting up a test and receiving results within hours is almost effortless. It takes minutes, even for a person without any testing experience. Even if you are not sure about the test requirements, our skilled testers will perform a check following the world’s best practices.

On the one hand, our testers represent real users just like your customers; on the other, they are continuously educated and evaluated on the job to support our high standards, just like if they were your QA team. Security is also one of the top priorities: our testers sign NDAs with us and, optionally, with you to control trusted access.

Our power is in the crowd!


Manual testing

Manual testing is a process of testing software for defects without using any automated tools when a tester plays a role of an end user to ensure the correct behavior of an application’s features. Manual software testing is a very primitive technique, but it helps to find even critical bugs. It also verifies during re-testing if developers fix reported defects. The testing process usually follows a test plan document describing the requirements of the software (intended behavior, expectations, etc.).

Why manual testing is an excellent solution for you:
  1. It is accurate. There are things that only a person with real-world experience will notice.
  2. It gives human feedback. Manual software testers also focus on the look and feel of a product, not only functionality and performance
  3. It is adaptable when unplanned changes are made to the software.
  4. It saves money on expensive tools.
  5. Exploratory and mobile testing shows the best results while performed by people.

Manual testing is your best option if your product needs testing only once or twice. Our tester crowd will check your product within hours and deliver real-user results.

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Exploratory Testing

exploratory testing discovers 11% more overall issues than scripted testing

Mobile Testing

48% of users will most likely never use an app again if they are unhappy with its performance

E-commerce and online platforms

79% of people are less likely to buy from a site again if they've experienced performance issues

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