The Case of the Funnel and Conversion Rates

CEO and Marketers found the answer to a conversion rate dropping with crowdtesting.

The Context

The company's C...

Perfect Rooms

The Case of Perfect Rooms

The new hotel booking system flows need to be tested by real people before the holiday season starts.

The Context

The Case of the Lost Insurance Customers

With crowdtesting, an insurance company discovers that the new UI was the cause of losing customers.

The Context
As wit...

The Case of the Blank Page

A mid-size e-learning company finally decides to launch an app version of its website but has no QA resources to take it over. <...

The Case of Saving the Time Capacities

A startup is launching the latest build of a mobile fitness app in a week, and the project manager needs to run a broader QA ...

The Case of the Missing Forms

Sometimes, only a crowd testing solution can find the reason for significant dropdown in the contact form submission on the upda...

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