We know what it takes to be a startup. That’s why we are eager to support small and medium companies. You need simple, fast, and affordable solutions. We have them for you.

Whether you have a web or mobile application or a website, we can test it within 24 hours and deliver results that will improve your product and increase your profit.

Why QA outsourcing is beneficial for a startup
  • Cut down the expenses: you don’t need your own QA team; we have the whole crowd.
  • Release faster: the crowd has all devices and platforms to test your product within 24 hours.
  • Become more efficient: you don’t waste time and effort finding bugs; just fix them.
  • Build your reputation: high-quality products show your respect to your customers; they trust you and become loyal to you.
  • Earn more: customer retention costs less than a new customer acquisition; people buy more if the product works as expected.

Software testing is crucial for startups, especially if your business depends on an app or website. You can prevent 88% of customers’ negative opinions about your business because of a buggy app with costly glitches. Instead, let your customers enjoy a well-tested app where bugs have been fixed early to deliver a seamless customer experience. We stand by you.

Your success is our priority!

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