Bugfix confirmation testing is a type of software testing when testers retest a software product to check if the previously identified bugs were fixed or not.

Reviewing bug fixes before a new release puts pressure on product managers and QA as it is a time-consuming task delaying the deployment of new features and changes. At the same time, insufficient verification of a bug fix can leave specific issues undiscovered until customers later report them.

QA Supermarket can run a targeted verification of the previously identified bugs. Our testers will quickly confirm whether the issues have been fixed on real-world devices and conditions.

How does it work?

As soon as we still have your original bug report, you don’t need to write down the steps to produce the issue.

Click the “Bugfix Confirmation” button on your dashboard, select the test environment or upload a new build containing the bug fix, and submit the request.

Then, your bug fix confirmation request goes out to our testers, who check for the bug by repeating the steps described in the bug report. It will be documented with a screencast to ensure the bug is gone. You’ll get an email when the results are ready. The bug fix can pass (the bug is gone) or fail (the bug still exists).


You don’t need to create a new test cycle: verifying the bug fix can happen anytime. It helps to save you time and money.
Your success is our priority!

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