Device farm in our Test Lab

How do you think a tester performs their work? Do they just grab a computer, run the app, and probe it in various UI environments? This is what many software testing service providers usually do. But our goal is not to simply put a checkmark in the box next to “We ran tests”, but to really help people get rid of their bugs, and we have come a long way since that old approach. The first thing we do after you provide us with an application is determining which devices the target demographic is supposed to use, and how we can cover most of your users. Then we designate the most appropriate hardware for your audience at our lab.
Device farm in our Test Lab
We have wide selection of the REAL hardware in our lab to best fit your needs, and we are constantly updating our set. Today, we have 80+ mobile devices which can cover most of your users. If you wanted to test a web or PC application, can you imagine how many configurations your users could have? Do you think it’s possible to run your tests on one PC? We don’t think so! That’s why we have have special testing workstations to test your app.
Different hardware configurations
Where we can quickly swap any of the PC’s hardware to create the proper configuration that your app needs. Our set allows us to create about 1,800 different PC configurations.
PC/Browsers Configurations

We maintain an independent team of 178 professional QA testers with years of experience. Each passes professional trainings and a rigorous screening process and are under a strict NDA. They are ready to help you with quality and show you the potential risks of your project.

We are proud that our engineers have the following certificates:

QTP and ISTQB Certificates
You’re welcome to use our testing laboratory when you need it.

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